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How does Happy Hour work?

Last Updated: Apr 29, 2016 12:08PM CEST
During Happy Hour HIGH TIER gift purchases are discounted (gifts are purchases made with the "Is it a gift?" checkbox selected). You must do a NEW gift purchase during Happy Hour to take advantage of this offer (even if you previously bought the current IG bundle). Happy Hour is a time frame during the promotion whereby if you purchase a HIGH TIER* gift, you have bonus (read as free) HIGH TIER* gift(s).
Gift numbers vary accordingly:
  1. If you purchased the HIGH TIER* bundle during Happy Hour of the 1st week you'll be able to purchase 1 gift and receive 1 + 3 gifts.
  2. If you purchased the HIGH TIER* bundle during Happy Hour but after the 1st week of sale, you will receive 1 + 2 HIGH TIER* gifts.
  3. If you haven’t purchased the HIGH TIER* bundle yet, you will receive 1 + 1 HIGH TIER* gifts.
Remember to check the  "Is it a gift?" checkbox to take advantage of Happy Hour.

* If the sale has 2 Tiers HIGH TIER is Tier 2. If the sale has 3 Tiers HIGH TIER is Tier 3.

** Keep in mind that your first bundle purchase must be a personal purchase (not a gift) to be qualified as early buyer. Buying a bundle for the first time as gift will not qualify you as early buyer.

It is not possible to buy more than 40 bundle gifts for each bundle.

"Weekly" bundles (those that last 7 days or less) and most of one tier bundles do NOT have Happy Hour.

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